Tokenize Future Revenue From Your Channel

Receive upfront funding through token sales. Once they’ve purchased your tokens, fans receive a percentage of your future ad revenue for a set period.

Profit From Every Token Sale

Every time a token is sold, you profit, instantly.

Access and Withdraw Your Funds Anytime

Royalty's marketplace allows you to manage your earnings, sales and growth all in one place.

Realize Your Full Potential

Energize your audience, receive the funding you need to bring your channel to the next level.

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Connect with your fans in a new way

Empower your fans to invest in your success and share in your profits. Show them exactly how their support will enhance and encourage your channel’s growth and development - bring them along on your journey.

Collaborate With Other Creators

Use Royalty tokens as an innovative and effective way to combine the digital output of multiple creator channels. Synergize your creative talents in the new Web3 digital economy. Use tokens to reward your partners and team members fairly and transparently.
Build your star team today!

Reward your fans

Use tokens as rewards for games, donations to charities, and much more!

Run competitions, giveaways, and other high-visibility events.

Increase your audience’s interest by sending tokens to loyal holders and followers.

Tap Into a New Audience: Crypto Users and Investors



In a little over a decade, the number of decentralized digital currency (crypto) users has grown to over 68 million worldwide.



Major brands, including Instagram and Starbucks, are joining Web3, bringing cryptocurrencies and NFTs into the mainstream.



Crypto holders want to get involved in the creator economy now, and they have the funds to invest heavily in it.



It’s time to tap into this fast-growing and dynamic market.



By tokenizing your revenue, you will be bringing a whole new group of fans and supporters to your channel.



Royalty is the premier Web3 social media platform, bringing creators and fans together, encouraging growth, collaboration, and creative expression.

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